Message Log Overview

The Message Log is an audit trail of when documents and correspondence have been sent out via Fax or Email directly from Corecon. This listing is project based and can be filtered in numerours ways using the column filters at the top of the grid. The status of whether the fax or email was received or not by the recipient is not shown in the grid. See details below for more information on email and fax issues.

Email Issues

When emailing out of Corecon, the User's email address will be used as the From address. Thus, if there is an issue with the recipient's email address or mailbox, then the failed delivery error message would be delivered to the user's standard mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Gmail. This message would not be sent back to Corecon in any way.

Fax Issues

Corecon uses Protus' MyFax service for faxing. In order to see if the fax was successfully delivered, one would need to login to the portal to see this information. The secure login url is shown below for reference.

MyFax Secure Login Url:

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